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  • EDU360 Parents OURPARENTS

Parent-Educator Partnerships are Key

Our relationships and partnerships with our parents, guardians and circles of care are key to the success of our efforts

We host three Parent Teacher Consultation evenings throughout the year, which we strongly encourage parents attend. We also host bi-monthly Parent Dialogues and special events, ad-hoc, from time to time. These events provide an opportunity to learn more about a specific topic from an expert in our community, and have open discussions in an informal evening event, and for our community to reconnect, in-person or online.

We communicate to our parents and community by way of our weekly newsletter Chalk-it Up and a longer, monthly publication, InTuition.

In addition to this, our operations and communications team send emails to our Parents and community as and when needed to communicate important information between Newsletters.

Your child’s Mentor and teachers are very open to communication during office hours by way of email, or a phone call. We believe open lines of communication are imperative to unlocking each student’s superpowers.

Together, we can do it.