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At the of who we are

Since inception seven years ago, we have been supporting neurodiverse youth with moderate to complex learning challenges through our unique 360 degree wrap-around approach

Justin Barry and Jacqui McKelvey started EDU360 in 2016 with a vision of ensuring that no child would be left behind.

While working together a school in Johannesburg, Justin, who had been trained in remedial education, asked Jacqui: “What will happen to that child?”

The child in question was one of a handful that had effectively fallen through the cracks; was sidelined, even ignored. Until one day, he would be of legal age to stop school. Then, he would come out with nothing – no self-confidence, skills or qualification that would assist him in becoming independent, self-confident, and ready to join the working world.  

Justin and Jacqui envisaged a totally different future for that student, knowing they could create something totally unique.  They envisaged a new way of teaching learning, making learning accessible to students with SEN+d, and working to support students individually and holistically at their own pace and in their own unique way.

EDU360 needs to be exceptional, a world-class school, not just ‘an alternative,’ ” said Justin. “A school and environment which helps the child and parents reimagine a future, irrespective of background, or learning challenges, based on the child’s unique strengths, or superpowers.

In 2016, EDU360 was registered as a nonprofit organisation and opened its doors to just two students.

These two students are two of over twenty graduates of EDU360 today that are working in their respective fields, studying further, both here and overseas. Independent, confident, happy and striving every day, despite (in many cases) being told they would never read, write, hold down a job, get a driver’s license (and the list goes on).

From just two students to over 90 (and counting) today, we remain committed to our purpose. We too have evolved, offering more individualised pathways to accredited qualifications, an incredible staff and a Foundation driving our broader goals.

The demographics of our students and teachers alike are representative of our dynamic country itself. Our dedicated teachers and staff work here for the love of the work and our students, as well as a strong desire to impart learning in fresh, new and relevant ways.

The Nature of Our Work

Most of our students come from mixed schooling experiences. Some good, but all too often, heart-breaking. Some have shut down, refusing to work, while others have become disillusioned with their performance, resulting in sporadic school attendance. Almost always, these children feel marginalised, pushed aside or invisible. 

Our approach wraps each student in a full 360-degree blanket of support. We are experienced and staffed to create individual scaffolding needed for each child to realise their own superpowers and potential in their own time and space. We make quality educational experiences accessible and enable positive outcomes in students and young adults with SEN+d.

EDU360 Integrated Education understands specific learning differences and manages learning differences. Better.  

Recognising potential

The EDU360 Foundation

Our Foundation advocates for disabled persons including SEN+d youth and educates society for greater authentic acceptance and inclusion.

We have a Scholarship Fund and a Student Sponsorship Programme to support promising young students with SED+d, without which they would face an uncertain future.

These initiatives dovetail into our Job Shadowing and Workplace Programme, creating greater understanding and acceptance of SEN+d in the marketplace and driving transformation in the workplace for greater, lasting and meaningful inclusivity.