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360° of  wrap-around support

Supportive Mentors

Mentors meet with their mentees every morning during Homegroup and have regular ‘check-ins’ often.  Every student is individually placed front and centre, wrapped in 360 degrees of dynamic support.

Guided Homework Time

We have dedicated homework time, staffed by our teachers, so that students are fully supported and there is less to do at home.

Team of Educational Support Professionals

We have a full in-house team of professionals experienced in supporting the neurodiverse student to reach their full potential.

360° of wrap-around support

All of our staff, from teachers to custodians, are trained in supporting our students best through regulation and co-regulation.

Full support team

Our team includes a Clinical Social Worker, an Educational Psychologist, a Child Psychologist an intern Psychologist and an Art Therapist.

Full support, by design

By having these disciplines integrated within, we ensure every student has 360° of wrap-around support, accessible seamlessly, daily, in-house.